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How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash has been the browser king for years. Flash player is required to play content such as graphics and videos when you visits a website. Currently flash is seeing its end of life stage. According to adobe it’s going to end support for its most widely used technology in December, 2020. This means users will no longer be able to use the Flash player on any of their favorite browsers.

Following this most of the popular web browser has set Flash Player status to blocked by default. But don’t worry today we share with you a quick guide to unblock Adobe Flash Player in Google chrome. Once it is unblocked you can enjoy any flash content that required it to run on the browser. As web developer now using the latest web technologies that doesn’t even required the flash player to run graphic content. We strongly recommend you to update your web browser to latest version so enabling you to run any graphic content without flash.

How to Unblock Adobe Flash Player Content in Chrome Browser

You can still run flash on a website you trust to run it. You first need to change default configuration for Google Chrome to run the flash. Follow this step by step instruction to enable flash on chrome.

1.  In an open chrome tab click on three dots on the top right corner of the page.

2. From here click on Settings a new page will opens up

3. On top of the page type and search for “Flash” (Follow the screenshots)

4. From the search result click on Site Settings and scroll down to see the Flash option click on it

5. Toggle the radio button to right and you have successfully unblocked flash on Chrome


If you want a quick solution to complete this process just visit this web page and a notification will pops up on the address bar. Click on the plugin icon and then Manage button as shown below. Toggle the switch to right to change Flash setting from blocked to ask first.


Enable Flash Content on Any Web Site

Now you have changed default configuration setting for Chrome to let you view media rich content. You have left one more step to view flash content. Just follow the steps.

1. Visit this page and there you will see content that requires you to run flash.

2. Click on the puzzle piece icon on the right corner. Now it will ask for your permission to run Flash. 

3. Click on Allow and you are all set.


Congratulation now you can run flash supported content on any website that supports it


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