World's Largest Warship Ever Built

Every nation tries to built weapons of mass destruction. Here is a list of  largest warships of the world. Navel ships, aircraft carrier or warships play critical role in any battlefield. The U.S. Navy is ranked as the largest Navy and it has greater battle fleet in the world. Most of the big aircraft carrier belong to U.S Navy.

The Ocean is the territory of all moving bodies. Many amazing large moving bodies move in the ocean of which some have the length of almost half-a-kilometer. Take a look at the list of powerful and world's largest warships and navel ships ever built.

10- Shinano- (Japanese aircraft carrier) Yamato-class battleship:

Shinano Japanese aircraft carrier

The name of this ship memorize the ancient Japanese province Shinano. It was basically an Aircraft carrier used in the Second World War It was biggest aircraft carrier of its time and was sunk into the water after the attack of U.S Submarine on 29 November 1944.

9- Iowa-class battleship:

Iowa-class battleship

This ship belongs to U.S Navy. It took part in every major battle during Second World War to Gulf War. Only 4 Ships were constructed and other 2 were cancelled out of total six ordered ships. Those 4 ships are now part of museum ships.

8- Lexington-class aircraft carrier:

Lexington-class aircraft carrier

The Lexington-class were built in 1920s as an aircraft carriers for the United States Navy. It had Steam turbine and Motor Electric propulsion system.

7- Admiral Kuznetsov - Russian aircraft carrier:

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov

It is the only Russian aircraft-carrying ship commissioned in 1990. The Admiral Kuznetsov supports maritime missile-carrying aircraft, surface ships and strategic missile carrying submarines of the Russian fleet. The maximum speed of this ship is 59 km/h.

6- Midway-class aircraft carrier:

Midway-class aircraft carrier

The Midway class was U.S Navy ship commissioned in the year 1945 and it served until 1992. Maximum speed of this ship was 61 km/h. It was basically an aircraft carrier ship.

5- USS John F. Kennedy:


The USS JOHN F. KENNEDY was first ship in U.S Navy, who beard the name. It was commissioned in U.S Navy in 1968 and decommissioned in 2007. It had the speed of 30+ knots.

4- Forrestal-class aircraft carrier:

Forrestal-class aircraft carrier

The Forrestal class aircraft carriers were designed and built in 1950s for the United States Navy. The ships were decommissioned at the end of 1998.

3- Kitty Hawk-class:

Kitty Hawk-class

It was U.S Navy ship commissioned in 1961 as an aircraft carrier. The Kitty Hawk are also called as Miss Kitty. It could carry up to 90 air-crafts at a time. The ships are now part of museum ships.

2- Nimitz-class aircraft carrier:

Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

Nimitz class has the ability to displace 100,000 tons. They are powered with nuclear energy and have no need for fueling for almost 20 years. All of this class ships are operational.

1- USS Enterprise (CVN-65):

USS Enterprise (CVN-65)

It is the largest ship in the world. The USS Enterprise is the world’s first nuclear aircraft carrier. The ship took commissioned in 1961 and has to retired in 2013.


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