Top Most Amazing Tree House Design

Let us amaze you with the most creatively build tree houses. Modern treehouse design are the building structures that are constructed around the trunk and branches of one or more big trees. Tree house appeal the childishness in all of us and bring us closer to nature. Many creative people love to design and build some very impressive homes for themselves in the trees. Here we've compiled a list of some of the most amazing tree house designs that are functional, sustainable and easily affordable.

  1. Tree house in Muskoka:

Lukasz Kos designed this beautiful and innovative tree house. It is situated in Lake Muskoka, Ontario. This tree house is build on a existing structure of four trees.

Tree house in Muskoka

  1. Minister’s Tree house:

The Minister's  tree house is said to be the biggest tree house in the world. This old tree house is located in Tennessee (USA)  and mostly reclaimed wood was used in its structure.

Minister’s Tree house

  1. Three Story Tree house designs:

This three story tree house is located in British Columbia, Canada. As its name implies it is one of the tallest tree house in the world.

Three Story Tree house

  1. Eco-Friendly Tree house:

This tree house is a part of Finca Bellavista, a tree house community in the jungles of Costa Rica.

Eco-Friendly Tree house

  1. Tree house for Birds and People:

The tree house is located in Andu Momofuku Centre, Japan. The house is separated into two parts by a wall with little peek holes, so you can watch the activities of birds on the other side of the wall.

Tree house for Birds and People

  1. Senior Center Turned Tree house:

This sculptural tree house was designed for the art festival TRACK in Belgium.
Senior Center Turned Tree house

  1. The Bird’s Nest:

The house looks like a birds nest with a fully modernized room inside. It is in Sweden.

The Bird’s Nest

  1. Teahouse Tetsu:

Terunobu Fujimori designed and created this nice house amongst the Cherry Blossoms in Yamanashi, Japan.

Teahouse Tetsu

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