List of 18 Strange Animal You Have Never Seen Before

Our world has a huge variety of weird and strange animal. There is a large indefinite number of animals species that are lesser known to  most of us. Scientist are trying to discover new species every year. Today we'll talk about those bizarre and even unique animals which you have never seen before.

The Fossa: No # 1 In the List of Strange Animals


The fossa is a carnivorous mammal and looks like a is a cat and found in Madagascar.  The fossa with the help of its flexible ankles combined with semi-retractable claws jumps up and down the trees.

2. Pink Fairy Armadillo:

Pink Fairy Armadillo

The pink fairy armadillo is the 2nd in the list of strange animals and found in pale rose or pink in color. They are so small about 3.5-4.5 inches long, excluding the tail. If frightened, they have the ability to completely burying themselves in sand in just seconds. They mainly feed on ants and ant larvae. With the help of their large front claws they find out near ant colonies. It has a shielded head and back and look like torpedo.

3. The Dhole:


The Dhole mostly found in South and Southeast Asia. The dhole loves to live in large colonies, that's why it is called as a highly social animal. At the time of hunting they split up into small packs and prey medium sized ungulates. Sometimes they attack large and dangerous animals such as water buffalo, boar and even tigers.

4. The Gerenuk:

The Gerenuk

The other name of Gerenuk is Waller's gazelle. It is found in dry thorn bush scrubs and deserts in Eastern Africa. Gerenuks rarely graze but browse on branches, twigs and prickly bushes by standing erect on their legs.

5. Naked Mole Rat:

Naked Mole Rat

The No. 5 in the list of strange animals is something really weird. Naked mole rat is a bizarre creature but very important creature to human beings because of its characteristics such as resistant to cancer. They can live up to 28 years. They remain healthy, young and fully fertile for almost all of its life. The naked mole rat is using successfully in study of aging and cancer research.

6. Southern Right Whale Dolphin:

Southern Right Whale Dolphin

The southern right whale dolphin can be found in the cool waters of the southern hemisphere. It is a small creature without dorsal fin and visible teeth .

7. The Babirusa:

The Babirusa

They are also known as "Hog-deer". They are found in Wallacea, or specifically the Indonesian islands of Sulawesi, Togian, Buru and belong to pig family. Their tusks are the main portion of their bodies and they continuously rub their tusks and if don't grind their tusks they can damage their own skulls.

8. Irrawaddy Dolphin:

Irrawaddy Dolphin

The Irrawaddy dolphin found in estuaries and rivers, near sea coasts in parts of Southeast Asia and Bay of Bengal. It is a species of oceanic dolphin, but genetically it is closely related to the killer whale.

9. Zebra Duiker:

Zebra Duiker

The zebra duiker is one of exotic and strange animals species that is found in Ivory Coast and other parts of Africa. The duiker has zebra-like stripes and gold or brownish coats  on its body. The length of its horns are about 4.5 cm long in males, and half that in females.

10. The Maned Wolf:

The Maned Wolf

The Maned Wolf looks like a large fox with reddish fur and found in South America. These wolves found in open and semi-open habitats such as grasslands with scattered bushes and trees. The maned wolf looks like a big giant due to its long legs and rated as the tallest of the wild canids in South America.

11. Markhor:


The markhor is a beautiful animal species  found in Pakistan and northeastern Afghanistan. The species is classified as endangered by IUCN. Their total numbers are are more than 2,000 mature individuals. The markhor is rated as the national animal in Pakistan. A foam-like substance comes out of its mouth which is thought to be useful in extracting snake poison from snake bitten wounds.

12. Tufted Deer:

Tufted Deer

The Tufted Deer is a small species of deer. It has prominent black hair on its forehead. It is found in central China.

13. Yeti Crab:

Yeti Crab

Kiwaidae is the other name of Yeti crab. The crab is found in cold seeps and deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

14. Snub-Nosed Monkey:

Snub-Nosed Monkey

Snub-nosed monkeys have short stump of a nose on their faces and found in various parts of Asia. Snub-nosed monkeys inhabit mountain forests in very large colonies of up to six hundred members.

15. Sunda Colugo:

Sunda Colugo

Sunda flying lemur is the other name of this beautiful species. They are not actually a lemur and don't fly. They feeds on young leaves, flowers, shoots and fruits. They usually active at night and found in southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

16. The Raccoon Dog:

The Raccoon Dog

The Raccoon Dog, or Tanuki is a canid species found in Eastern Asia. It has a high resemblance to the raccoon, therefore it is called as Raccoon dog. They love to climb on high trees.

17. Patagonian Mara:

Patagonian Mara

The Patagonian Mara looks like a rabbit but relatively a large rodent found in Argentina. It belongs to the herbivorous family and has distinctive long ears and long limbs.

18. Southern Red Muntjac:

Southern Red Muntjac

It is found in south Asia and classified as omnivorous. It has short and soft brownish hair. It feeds on fruits, grass, seeds, shoots, birds, eggs and other small animals. It is a good sensor and alarms other fellow members by giving calls similar to barking. They love to fight each other for their territory by using antlers and upper canine teeth. They defend themselves against other predators with unity.

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