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A Stray Kitten And Abandoned Puppy Become Inseparable Best Friends

Adele, a four-week-old orphan kitten and Chip, a five-week-old cute chihuahua puppy are living in no-kill shelter in Texas. Bo… Read more

Most Incredible Panoramic Landscapes You’ve Never Seen Before

Our Mother Land is just full of breathtaking mountains, awe-inspiring landscapes and other beautiful natural wonders but we hav… Read more

Breathtaking Story of An Injured Baby Squirrel Adopted By A Family

Today we are going to share with you a breathtaking story of a baby squirrel adopted and raised by a family based in Finland. Pr… Read more

Digitally-Controlled Interactive Installation of 2,300 Living Flowers By TeamLab

Comprised of more than 2,300 flowers, this interactive and exquisite installation of blossoming vegetation is a great effort o… Read more

Stunning Portraits of Reindeer People Living In Mongolia

Photographer and scholar Hamid Sardar-Afkhami has captured some stunning portraits of nomadic tribes in northern Mongolia. With… Read more

Incredibly Surreal Sculptures by Ellen Jewett

Meet Canadian sculptor and artist Ellen Jewett, who have incredible talent to create fantastical clay sculptures that are perfec… Read more

20 of The Most Adorable Miniature Crochet Animals Ever Created

Su Ami is not the name of a single person or artist behind these adorable miniature animals. In fact they are a whole family of … Read more

This Acrobat Couple Travels The World To Have 38 Weddings in Only 83 Days

For any couple deciding a theme or specific place for their wedding is always full of fun and excitement. When Los Angeles based… Read more

Striking Colorful Hand-Blown Glass Creatures By Scott Bisson

Oregon-based glass blower Scott Bisson shows his great love for nature through these strikingly colorful hand-crafted creatures… Read more

Photographer Takes Magical Photos of Siberian Huskies Playing On A Frozen Lake

A Russian photographer Fox Grom has captured some majestic and most stunning photographs of his Siberian Huskies as they walk a… Read more

Adorable Baby Photographs Captures Cute Smile of Sleeping Newborns

Sandi Ford is an award winning London based family and baby photographer. She recently released adorable photographs of sleepin… Read more

This Canopy Walkway In Cape Town Lets You Walk Above the Trees

Walking in the woods is a common and regular exercise, but have you ever thought to walk above the trees? If not, the Kirstenbo… Read more

These Newly Hatched Baby Chameleons Are Incredibly Cute

These newly hatched baby chameleons at Sydney's Taronga Zoo are so teen tiny that they can easily fit on pencil or fingerti… Read more

Mind Blowing Realistic Body Art by Danny Quirk

Danny Quirk, a Pratt Institute graduate and graphic artist create mind-blowing realistic anatomical illustrations that will sho… Read more

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