Teacher Completes The Doodles Of His Students And The Results Are Hilarious

Usually teachers dislike doodling on your test answers and quizzes but a science teacher at a girls' school in Bangkok, introduced a new rule: if you draw something on your test, the teacher will add to it, too. The eighth and ninth grade teacher from Thailand noticed that his student love to draw illustrations on their tests so he decided to not only adds marks to his student’s test answers as well as complete the unfinished doodles and illustrations.

The results are both awesome and hilarious at the same time. The original drawings by students are in pencil, while the teacher Squeezymo added the twist with his red pen. Check out!

drawing on tests-1

drawing on tests

funny doodles

kids drawings-1

kids drawings

student drawings-1

student drawings

teacher completes the doodles of his students -1

teacher completes the doodles of his students
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