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Hilarious Photos Series Answering, “What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram”?

Inspired by the question, “what if guys acted like girls,” Ashley Hesseltine in a blog post on Witty + Pretty asked her friends to take same type of snaps as the most women tend to create on their Instagram accounts.

Other guys across Instagram also started posting photos of themselves while eating cupcakes, showing off new outfits, drinking pumpkin and other skinny pictures that are usually can be seen on girls’ Instagram accounts and the results are just hilarious. 


Incredible Art of Psychedelic Paint and Poured Resin by Bruce Riley

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley should be called the real magician of psychedelic art for his mind-bending abstractions of poured resin and dripping paint. Riley employs number of experimental techniques and fills canvases with colorful paint and resin to create these impressive wonders that finally become surreal creatures or psychedelic mandalas in nature.
“You can’t have any other intent but moving. You can’t worry about it, you can’t stop, you can’t choke. It’s obvious when it works. It’s obvious when it fails. The paintings aren’t about specific things, they’re all about kind of the same thing. And I’m not really trying to define any ideas, I just let it flow,” explains the Riley.


Tim Shieff stripped Off In This Breathtaking Naked Free Runner Photo Series

This breathtaking photos series titled “Man & Mortar” is the result of collaboration between World Freerun Championship winner Tim Shieff and parkour athlete and Photographer Jason Paul. Tim Shieff stripped off and can be seen jumping and running through London's most stunning architectures.

 These naked free runner photos were inspired by the poses of ancient statues and monuments found within the architecture of Modern Greek cities.

''Lots of the London architecture we shot against has a square, rigid and linear feel to it, contrasting starkly with the curves of the athletic, natural human form," Jason said.Birthday Suit Commute


King's Cross Dash


Human Flag



Man & Mortar

Funny Cartoon Eyes for Cats is The Best New Photo Trend

Some intelligent cat owners in Japan came up with a hilarious new photo trend called the ‘Cat Montage’ or ‘Neko Montaaju’, that give their cats funny cartoon eyes by placing hand-drawn strips of paper in front of the cat’s face.

A Japanese Twitter user Shiratamaaaa started the trend by uploading the photo of cat with cartoon or anime eyes along with a caption saying, “If you have a cat, you should try Neko Montaaju”! The picture was retweeted nearly four thousand times and inspired other peoples also to partake in this brilliant trend.

The Incredible Art of Rock Balancing by Michael Grab

After seeing the stunning artwork of Michael Grab for a while I can’t understand whether he is an artist or a magician. You might be thinking that which types of tricks Michael Grab uses to balance these seemingly impossible structures, the answer is nothing! The land artist achieves these astonishing rock formations by his extraordinary sense of balance and patience.
“Over the past few years of practicing rock balance, simple curiosity has evolved into therapeutic ritual, ultimately nurturing meditative presence, mental well-being, and artistry of design.”