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Creative Embroidered Leaf Art By Hillary Fayle

Hillary Fayle, a creative artist and student of embroidery has created a wonderful and delicate embroidered leaves that beautifu… Read more

Woman Had Her Picture Photoshopped In 25 Countries To Compare Global Beauty Standard

Esther Honig, a U.S.-based freelance journalist and social media manager came up with a breathtaking photography project titled … Read more

Funny Photo Series of People Posed as If They Have Just Fallen

Sandro Giordoan is a creative photographer from Italy who has created a hilarious photograph series of different people falling… Read more

36, 000 Years Old Cave Paintings In France

Art is such an amazing talent that anyone can have. World's earliest known art has been awarded and declared as World Herit… Read more

Dem Guts: A Sexy Swimsuit That Illustrate the Human Anatomy

A funky Australian clothing company, Black Milk Clothing has created a unique swimsuit, named “ Dem Guts “ that illustrates th… Read more

Amazing Bottled Smoke Artworks of Jim Dingilian

Jim Dingilian is one of those creative artists who stretch the limits of creativity with their unique and incredibly creative ar… Read more

These Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Today advertising companies make powerful and effective advertisement to create awareness about important social and environmen… Read more

Incredible Before-and-After VFX Shots From Popular Movies And TV Series

It is a fact that visual effects are now a complete part of the film making industry. Huge and large budget movies cannot be com… Read more

Unrecognized Images of Animals without Their Natural Coat of Hair

Only human beings are not the only creatures who suffer hair loss. Animals are also included in the list of that group who have… Read more

Dad Creates Awesome Lunch Bag Drawings For His Son

Making school lunch for your kids is very interesting thing but making creative drawings on lunch bag is also interesting and a… Read more

Men with Furry Animal Beards: An Advertising Campaign of Schick

Y&R New Zealand , a creative advertising company made a funny ad campaign named “Free Your Skin” for razor company Schick .… Read more

26 Most Creative And Innovative Cup And Mug Designs Ever

Many people think that cups, mugs and glasses are just ordinary things that hold our beverages. Some people show possessivenes… Read more

Flora Borsi Creatively Combine Urban Landscapes With Striking Coffee Swirls

Flóra Borsi is a 20-year-old creative artist from Hungary. She created an amazing series of photo manipulations titled "Cof… Read more

20 People Using The Shadows in The Most Creative Way

You can always take a perfect shot when two of these conditions are met: right perspective, right angle and right light at the r… Read more

Magical Photos of A Dream-Like Forest in Belgium

These stunning photos of a beautiful forest look like they were taken straight out of a fairy tale. But believe me or not, the f… Read more

Creative Geeky Tattoo Art Designs

The trend of making tattoos on the body parts is rising day by day. Different latest trends and styles are now invented and use… Read more

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