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Russian Artist Proves That Classic Artwork Can Get Even Better With Cats

Intelligent Russian artist Svetlana Petrova has created an entertaining series of portraits by inserting her big ginger cat Zara… Read more

30 Most Incredible Entries in 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Now there is only one month left for you to submit your best travel photo online to the 26th annual National Geographic Traveler… Read more

Amazing Pictures of Animals Showing Their Love in the Form of Kissing

Only human beings are not the only one in this world that plant kisses on one another. Kissing is an expressional form of love … Read more

A Fascinating Miniature World Of Frogs Captured By Wil Mijer

Wil Mijer is a talented Dutch photographer who loves capturing the beautiful and fascinating world of colorful tropical frogs. S… Read more

Pregnant Bellies of Women Used As Canvas For Beautiful & Intricate Paintings

A group of enthusiastic painters called, Pacific FacePainters used big and beautiful pregnant bellies as a canvas for showing… Read more

Meet Millie: The Adopted Cat Who Becomes The Best Climbing Partner

Meet Millie, a fully devoted and adorable domestic cat who loves scrambling up mountains with her owner Craig Armstrong. Millie … Read more

Artist Inserts Hilarious Monsters into Real-World Situations

Marty Cooper is a creative storyboard artist and scribbler who draws some cute and funny cartoon characters on a transparent she… Read more

Inseparable Natural Relation Between a Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan

Three known beasts of the jungle live together at Noah’s Ark rescue center in Locust Grove, Georgia. They are the only lion, ti… Read more

Growing Ultra Small Bonsai Plants Is The Hot New Trend In Japan

In the recent years a new trend of raising tiny bonsai trees in miniature planters is taking over Japan. Growing itty-bitty bons… Read more

Amazing Godzilla Sculpture Made from Pine Needles

Li Yi-Kai creatively constructed an amazing statue of Godzilla, a Chinese Dragon from fallen pine tree branches. He is doing hi… Read more

24 Weird Photos That Will Surely Blow Your Brain

You may have seen some weird photos in your life which seriously mess with your mind. When you see these photos for the first t… Read more

20 People Who Failed In Hilariously Painful Fashion

No one is perfect in this world. The fact is that everyone one of us makes mistakes and experience failure in the life. Breaking… Read more

Anti-Abuse Photographs that Painfully Depicts the Victims of Verbal Abuse

The 'Weapon of Choice' is a powerful visual series by Photographer Richard Johnson that painfully demonstrates the damag… Read more

Cute Adorable Kitten Dressed Up Like Princess Leia

Pet lovers always love to dress up their cute little pets but when it comes to a tiny, malleable kitten they make especial litt… Read more

Anjana Iyer Creatively Illustrated Untranslatable Words From DIfferent Foreign Languages

Renowned media designer from New Zealand, Anjana Iyer has thoroughly studied different languages from all over the world for a … Read more

Young Artist Designed Beautiful Creative Fashion Dresses From Real Flower Petals

Grace Ciao is a young student artist in Singapore who creates amazing fashion designs by using an unconventional medium in her … Read more

The Incredible World of Mushrooms and Fungi Photographed by Steve Axford

Steve Axford is a creative photographer who lives and works in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales in Australia. Axfor… Read more

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