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World's Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Lets You Draw In The Air

Recently launched on Kickstarter, LIX is the new competitor in the handheld 3D-printing field. This amazing 3D printing pen let… Read more

Photorealistic Pencil Drawings by Dino Tomic

Dino Tomic is a creative tattoo artist, digital painter and pencil artist born in Croatia and living in Norway since he was 14. … Read more

Artist Transforms Children’s Faces Into Fantasy Creatures

These awe-inspiring detailed face paintings are the work of talented New Zealand-based artist Christy Lewis who has taken the ar… Read more

17 Real Women Who Inspired Famous Pin-Up Paintings Have Finally Been Revealed

Anyone who's a fan of pin up paintings will recognize the incredible artwork of American pin up artist Gil Elvgren. His fant… Read more

Spectacular Shots of Tiny Insects by Nordin Seruyan

Few days ago we featured the amazing photographs of snails captured by Vyacheslav Mischenko and today we have rounded up anothe… Read more

Photographer Takes Stunning Surreal Portraits with An Old-School $50 Film Camera

26 year old Ukrainian photographer Oleg Oprisco has some incredible abilities to take dream-like portraits of beautiful women in… Read more

30 Incredible Examples of Body Painting Art

Body art or body painting is a creative expression that involves the temporary painting design of fully-naked human body or indi… Read more

Hilarious Documentation of Kids Crying For The Craziest Reasons Ever

Kids are cute and awesome, but they can also be very unpredictable and drive you crazy when they start crying for the silly and … Read more

3D On The Rocks: World’s First 3D-Milled Ice Cube Sculptures

Japanese advertising agency TBWA\Hakuhodo partnered up with a well known whiskey company Suntory to create the world’s first 3D… Read more

30 of The Most Creative And Innovative Product Design You Have Ever Seen

When it comes to product design the packaging of the product play a very important role. A beautiful and creative product design… Read more

30 Hilariously Painful Truth About Our Everyday Life

Kind Of Normal is a fun website dedicated to show a series of funny and insightful info graphics called “TruthFacts” raveling hi… Read more

Mother Takes Lovely Portraits of Her 10 Month-Old Baby And Their Rescue Dog

Grace Chon is a talented lifestyle photographer specializes in animal portraits. Chon recently created a heartwarming series of … Read more

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