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Photographer Takes Magical Portraits With Wild Animals

Russian fine art photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates these surreal and dreamy images inspired by fairy tales. Moscow-based photographer started taking interest in photography some 5 years ago and specializes in a photography that will take you to the scariest world of imagination. We have already featured her work on our site but today we have some special collection of her photographs captured with real animals. I hope you will enjoy these mythical and romantic portraits as much as I have. Check out!


30 Hilarious People Who Don’t Care About Your Rules

Our world relies on rules but sometimes you’ve got to ignore the rules. There is one of these rule-breakers, who not only break them but also take a photo of themselves doing it in the most hilarious way possible. Some people like to be fun individuals and they are usually more popular among their friends because they make us happy and have good social lives.

Our today post is about those hilarious people who don’t let the law tell them how to live. These photos below will show you some hilarious activates of first-world anarchists who don’t care about your rules.

30 Hilarious Struggles Only Cat People Will Understand

Most pet owners love to have cats as their furry companions and the true joy that come with sharing their lives with companion animals can't be describe in words. The pet owner will agree that the furry companion especially cat always make you feel happier less depressed and less lonely but in return they need you love and affection to help them live a healthy life style.

 Sometimes, cat owners have to face some confusing and unpredictable struggles that only belong to them and those who don’t own cats cannot understand. So without further ado, here are 40 funny images showing some of the daily struggles of cat people. But these struggles are almost impossible to understand and believe if you’re a dog owner instead.