4-Year-Old Girl Creates Stylish Dresses Made Out of Paper

Meet Mayhem, a four-year-old young girl whose love for fashion is just amazing. The young girl with her mom Angie have found a totally unique way to bond together in a stylish design dress made out of papers. They spend several months to design unique and creative paper gowns inspired by TV shows, books and photos from the red carpet.

The mother-daughter team also created an Instagram account and blog to present their cool and stylish creations online. They use different stuff like bags, tape, silk scarves, glue, tissue paper and other household objects to create elegant and fashionable dresses.

Although Mayhem has no background in fashion or dress design but everyday she is learning new skills and growing his knowledge in dress designing. After looking her creations I personally recognize her as an intelligent young designer in the world of fashion.

paper dress

4 year old creates paper dress7

fashion clothes

4 year old creates paper dress1

4 year old creates paper dress

4 year old creates paper dress4

4 year old creates paper dress5

4 year old creates paper dress8

4 year old creates paper dress

diy dresses

fashion by Mayhem1

fashion by Mayhem2

fashion by Mayhem3

fashion by Mayhem

fashion dresses

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fashion by Mayhem
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