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These Hilarious Russian Marriage Snaps Make You Laugh Out Loud

Wedding is supposed to be the happiest day for every couple and there is truly no better way to celebrate this pleasant moment t… Read more

Beau A Toddler and Theo A 2-Month-Old Puppy Continue Napping Together

This is not the first time that we are writing about Beau and his cute puppy Theo, we have already wrote about the two pals and … Read more

Ponzu The Golden Retriever Adopts An Orphan Kitten Separated From Her Mother

When an adorable kitten named Ichimi got separated from her mother, Ponzu the golden retriever and his owner Jessiepon rescue an… Read more

"Miserable Men" Shopping With Families Is The Most Unhappy Thing On Instagram

According to a survey conducted by GE Money the average 63-year-old woman spent more than 8 years of her total life in shopping … Read more

Bizarre Sketches Transform Everyday Objects into Delightful Illustrations

Artist Victor Nunes in his recent series “Faces,” combines ordinary objects such as pairs of scissors to pumpkin seeds in order … Read more

The 10 Most Epic Texting Pranks You Have Ever Seen

After checking these funny and epic texting pranks below you might rethink to post your phone numbers in public places. Textastr… Read more

Two Brothers Re-Create Their Childhood Photos And The Results Are Hilarious

One of the most popular internet trends going around today is re-creating childhood photos . And this recent photo series titled… Read more

Didga The Cat Do Some Remarkable Tricks on Remote-Controlled Skateboard

You may have seen several videos of dog riding a skateboard on the internet. But have you ever seen a skateboarding cat doing so… Read more

Mysterious Self-Portraits Exploring The World Of Dreams And Imagination

Ohio based talented young photographer Rachel Baran captures herself in truly unique and surreal scenarios in her creative self-… Read more

Captivating Smartphone Photos of Everyday Objects by Brock Davis

Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis demonstrates his incredible ability to create quirky smartphone photos using everyday objec… Read more

Photographer Turns Himself Into A Multi-Faceted Creature

Swedish photographer Samuel Pettersson use digital techniques to turn himself into a two-headed monster in his self-portrait ser… Read more

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