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Johnson Tsang Brings Life to Cups and Bowls in His New Ceramic Sculptures

This is not the first time that we are writing about strange and beautiful anthropomorphic sculptures by Johnson Tsang . We have… Read more

Brothers Grimm Homeland: Surreal Photographic Illustrations by Killian Schoenberger

German photographer Kilian Schönberger has always been fond of secret places and mysterious landscapes. “Brothers Grimm’s Homela… Read more

Murad Osmann Continues to Follow His Girlfriend Around The World

Russian photographer Murad Osmann continues his romantic journey around the world with his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova in his o… Read more

Japanese Old Man Creates Beautiful Paintings Using Excel Spreadsheets

Most of us believe that Excel can only be used for calculating budgets, listing data and doing expense reports, but 73-year-old … Read more

The Top 10 Most Popular Posts on The Photomag in 2013

Looking back on 2013, it was really a fantastic year for The Photomag and also for those great photographer, artist and designe… Read more

How The NYT, Daily Mail And Other News Outlets Will Report The Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever talk about upcoming zombie apocalypse and how it will be reported on the various news/media/social media outlets. … Read more

New Glass Room Installation In The French Alps Offers You Awe-Inspiring Views

A tourism company based in France has installed a brand new glass skywalk in the French Alps, some of the most high-altitude la… Read more

The Strange World of Faces by Shanna Allyn

Minneapolis-based award-winning photographer Shanna Allyn has created an interesting series of photographs titled ‘Strange Beaut… Read more

Incredibly Realistic Drawings by Karla Mialynne

Artist Karla Mialynne creates such amazing photorealistic illustrations of random objects, peoples and animal that most of the v… Read more

Hauntingly Beautiful Portraits By 19-Year-Old Alex Stoddard

Fine art photographer Alex Stoddard is a 19 years old talented young person who knows how to create incredibly unique self-port… Read more

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