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Japanese Dad Takes Funny Photos Of His Adorable Daughter

Japanese photographer Nagano Toyokazu has captured some amazing photos of his cute daughter in the most diverse situations. He… Read more

Mind-blowing Landscape Photos Created With Human Bodies

London-based photographer Carl Warner has recently comes up with a stunning new project titled “Bodyscapes.” The series features… Read more

The Lion Whisperer: Kevin Richardson Changing The Lions Behavior

Kevin Richardson, a self-taught animal behaviorist and Zoologist raises and trains big cats, some of the most dangerous beasts … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Be A Superhero in 2013 Infographics

Superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Spider-Man are supposed to be the bravest and strongest characters who are capable of f… Read more

20 Extreme Weather Photos You'll Never Forget

There is probably one thing that human will never have control of, “the weather” of course. Weather is always changing as the fa… Read more

35 Amazing Behind The Scenes Photos of Muppets and Muppeteers

It is really interesting to see the actual humans with their hands stuffed inside your favorite characters like Miss Piggy, Gon… Read more

Dog Found Nursing A Tiny Kitten Rescued from a Ravine in South Carolina

Have you read the cutest story of a missing dog and a tinny kitten? If you are a pet lover you'll definitely enjoy it. Mic… Read more

20 Stunning Photos of Beautiful Trees

Everybody loves nature because the greenery and the colors of nature are primary source of inspiration. Trees are integral par… Read more

30 Amazing Photos Of New York City In The Summer Of 1969

Summer season is famous for high temperatures, unbearable humidity, short skirts and outdoors fun in New York City . Today we&… Read more

Desk Safari: Office Workers With Their Heads On Animal Bodies

London-based advertising duo Mike & Ben have a creative tumbler blog, Desk Safari. They have received hundreds of creative … Read more

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