Cute Photographs of a Baby Goes On Exciting Blackboard Adventures

Like many other moms, Anna Eftimie wanted to celebrate the birth of her cute young baby in a different and fun way rather than just taking the usual snap-shots. She turned to the web for inspiration but couldn't find any cool idea. As most of her family member and friends live in Europe she knew that photography would be the best option to share the good news.

Anna’s husband suggested a creative idea to draw stork on blackboard using real chalk and then blend their little baby into cool surroundings. Their friends and family appreciated this awesome idea so much. 

According to Anna Eftimie, "We used everything around us for inspiration, even our daughter's skateboard, or the Alcatraz costumes you can buy from San Francisco's Pier 39. Soon we had a whole story wrapped around our sleeping baby boy. Our son was five days old in the stork picture and three months in the one with the underwater wedding."
adorable baby photographs

Adorable baby

Anna Eftimie

 baby adventure

Baby Portraits

Blackboard Adventures by Anna Eftimie

blackboard portraits

creative adventures

Cute baby

exciting adventures

sleeping baby
       To find more about Anna Eftimie visit her website.
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