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Funny Portraits of Dogs Dressed Like Their Owners

27 year old Swiss photographer Sebastian Magnani has come up with a beautiful yet bizarre series of portraits called Underdogs, showing dogs dressed identically to their owners. Portrayed with beautiful jewelry, hair and clothes, the stunning portraits of dogs and humans revealed a striking resemblance to one another.

Magnani describes the meaning behind this amazing series in these words:

“So where does this striking resemblance between dog and owner come from? Does the “underdog” really rank himself lower, even visually? It is undisputed that the canines not only stir emotions and interest, but also our inner most needs. Dogs are considered loyal, selfless, trustworthy, life saving, fun and proud companions in a world where these values are gradually disappearing.”
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   Source: Sebastian Magnani

$3,800 Fur Coat Is Made Entirely from Men’s Chest Hair

UK dairy company Arla commissioned ‘Man-Fur Coat’ to promote the launch of its new product Wing-co, a chocolate milk drink aimed at men. This new product chocolate milk drink contains 40 per cent more protein directed at men in their 30s and 40s.

The £2,499 ($3,800) coat is entirely made from over a million strands of male chest hair. It took more than 200 hours for English designers to weave this fashionable fur coat. Arla believes British men have been “manning down” over the years, this new coat is a wake-up call for the nation’s gents and also make them feel proud of their manliness, instead of repressing it.


Spectacular Shots of Supermoon 2013

Photographers from all over the world looked up to the sky to get some wonderful shots of supermoon 2013. On Sunday, Moon made its closest approach towards Earth in the calendar year of 2013. It appeared 14 percent larger in size and 30 percent brighter in light than a typical full moon. Technically it is known as "perigee full moon" which occurs once in every 14 months. It was the biggest and brightest moon of the year 2013 because of its closest encounter with Earth. It'll not happen till August, 2014. Below we’ve collected some super shots of supermoon 2013. These are definitely awesome pictures of the year 2013.
A full moon in the 'Perigee' phase rises over the Jerusalem neighborhood of Har El
    Photo by Jim Hollander

Anaheim, California
     Photo by Mark J. Terrill

Basilica of Superga, Turin, Italy
     Photo by Stefano De Rosa

Centennial Mountains WSA, Montana
     Photograph by Bob Wick /Bureau of Land Management

      Photograph by NASA/Goddard/LRO

Kato Sounion,…

Incredible Self-Portraits by Melania Brescia

Melania Brescia is a young and intelligent artists and photographers from Malaga, Spain. She has devoted her whole Flickr account for her incredible self-portraits that are full of life and emotion. Melania has work for several magazines and shown her highly intimate work in various exhibitions. Below we are going to showcase you some dreamlike self-portraits by Melania Bresciabest describingher artistic ability and creativity.

Source: Melania Brescia Photostream

Photographer Reimagined Disney Princesses As Sexy Armored Warriors

Mike Roshuk is a creative and intelligent artist and photographer from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He recently came up with a stunning photo series in which he creatively reimagined a group of Disney Princesses as sexy and dangerous looking warriors. Each Princess in the series is equipped with armor and weapons. All the prints are available to purchase including Jasmine, Snow White and Pocahontas from Mike’s official website.

Pocahontas – Before & After




Snow White

     via: Mike Roshuk

23 of The Most Amazing Wildlife Photos From National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Last date for the submissions of photos in the 25th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo contest is 30th June 2013. So anyone who is interested to participate in the photo contest can send their photo collections before the closing date. The categories of the photo contest are Outdoor Scenes, Travel Portraits, Sense of Place and Spontaneous Moments.
The winner of the contest will go on a 10 day journey to the Galápagos with National Geographic team. Runner-ups will receive honor and publicity through publishing their photos in the National Geographic Traveler magazine or website. Below we are going to showcase you some of the most spectacular entries- enjoy!
Gentoo Chicks
     Photo by Richard Sidey Fénec the Soul of the Desert
     Photo by Francisco Mingorance  Fly Cap for a Vine Snake
     Photo by Robin Moore The Power of the Criollo
     Photo by Chris Schmid A Peaceful Place
     Photo by ralph pace  Morning Tide
     Photo by Anthony Sweney
Hungry Hummingbird
     Photo by Sundell Larse…