Fascinating Photographs Of The ‘Human Tower’ Competition In Spain

“Concurs de Castells”, the human tower competition is one of the most iconic events takes place once every two years in the city of Tarragona, Spain. Spanish Photographer David Oliete had captured the entire event in the year 2012 by hovering high above the chaos. A large number of people from all over the world participate in this festival to see who can build the tallest and most complex human human tower.

Different teams participated in the competition comprising 100 to 500 members of all ages without discrimination of race, sex, religion or social status. There are no hard and fast rule for this sport, a team gets more points and win who builds the complex, tallest and difficult tower. Check out some of the most fascinating photographs of the competition captured by Photographer David Oliete.

Human Tower Competition

Concurs de Castells Spain

Concurs de Castells

David Oliete Photography

Concurs de Castells

Concurs de Castells Spain

David Oliete photos

Human Tower Competition in Spain

David Oliete

Human Tower

Photography by David Oliete

Photographer David Oliete

Amazing Stunts

    You can find more about David Oliete and his photgraphy here .
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