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30 Insanely Misspelled Tattoos Design

Tattos are becoming more and more popular and being widely used to decorate our body parts to make it more attractive, alluring and charming. Most of the people feel remorse when they get misspelled tattoos done on them.  There can be many reasons why your tattoos gone wrong or misspelled. Tattoos may often be misspelled while picking tattoos under the influence of alcohol and also the person at your tattoos parlor is not a professional.

For your inspiration today we have find out some of the most hilarious and Insanely Misspelled Tattoos Design which will make you look twice.


Only God Will Juge Me

 Beautiful Tradgedy

Everyone Elese Does                                                                                  Belive!


Fore Tomorrow We Die

Fuck the Systsem

 I'm Awsome

 Hart Breaker
 Balences Its Self
 Hail to the Theif

 Leave A Coment Below!

 Keep Smileing

Stupidest Client Feedback Turned Into Posters

Intelligent Irish graphic designers Shanley and Paddy Treacy got together with a team of other ad creatives, designers, animators, directors and illustrators to turn their most popular and worst client criticism into creative posters.

This interesting work was exhibited at The Little Green Café, Bar and Gallery in November in order to provide you the chance to purchase A3 prints of all entries selling for only €10 apiece. Whole the amount raised through this exhibition was donated to the Temple Street Children Hospital. Have look at the work!