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Extraordinary Shots Taken with SmartPhones

According to NPD Group's "Imaging Confluence Study" the percentage of photos taken on a smartphone has been reached to 27% last year and increasing smartly. Latest Smartphones can do something extra for you as compare to traditional mobile phones. They may be your camera, audio-video recorder, music player, even can play the role of PC or laptop as well.

Today I got an interesting idea to share with you some excellent photographs snapped using different smartphones. This collection will show you the talent and extraordinary skills of the photographers also which they serve to get such amazing shots. Have a look!
Apple iPhone 4

iPhone 4S

Sony Ericsson C905

Nexus S

Sony Ericsson K800i

Nokia Lumia 800


iPhone 4


 Sony Ericsson K810i

Apple iPhone 4S

Sony Ericsson K800i

Apple iPhone 4


Sony Ericsson K618i

Sony Ericsson K750i

Incredible Examples of Above The Clouds Photography

If you have a camera in your hand and looking for an awesome subject, look at clouds as they are the great examples of natural portraits. Clouds have many different forms and some of these clouds are rare which can only be seen in a certain weather condition. Though taking an extraordinary shot of clouds is not an easy task but if you been able to take such amazing shots than you will surely consider yourself very lucky.

Today we are going to showcase you some of the most incredible scenes of above the clouds photography by some talented photographers around. Hopefully you will enjoy and don’t forget to leave a word of appreciation in the comments section below!

Chaluntorn Preeyasombat

Richard Silvera

Evgeni Dinev

Jason Hummel

Above Clouds


Luís Riafoge

Andy Butka

Adam Stinton

Sebastian Opitz

kevin dooley

Anton Jankovoy



Robin Holler

Glenn Harper

26 Mesmerizing Action Shots Taken with a GoPro Camera

GoPro is one of the world’s leading activity image capture company formed by Nick Woodman. It was dedicated to adventure photography that makes small, wearable, waterproof and shockproof cameras. While the cameras was  built specifically for extreme sports athletes including professional skiers, cyclists, skydivers and surfers as well as it can efficiently meet the needs of everyday people due to its affordability and ease of use.

The company recently has introduced its latest model HD HERO 3 that comes with Wi-Fi. The company also released a heart-thumping 5-minute video that will surely raise your blood pressure to the maximum. Enjoy the crazy shots below and don’t forget to watch the video at the end.