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Unique and Incredible Pencil Sculpture Designs

Imagination leads to creativity. More creative and innovative ideas flow out of the mind when you twists, bends and turns a thought. Pencils are the vital part of every designer’s tool but many designers create fantastic sculptures from pencils.

From a very first look at these wonderful spiny sea urchin pictures it’s hard to believe but all these beautiful pictures are not real but detailed colored pencil sculptures by Jennifer Maestre. These beautiful designs are dangerous to be touched. Take a look at these some pretty amazing pencil sculptures.

Most Inspiring Collection of Perfectly Timed Photos

Becoming a great photographer is not that easy. A high quality shot contain many things, it is not just to hit the shutter in time however the composition, perspective, and color play a major role in the overall look and charm of an image. Photographers need a lot of time to develop their style. Professional photographers also require developments and breakthroughs in order to discover the grandness that lies in their passion for photography.

There is nothing quite like a perfectly timed shots. For your inspiration today we have find the most incredible collection of Perfectly Timed Photograph from around the globe. These images below are clearly showing the style and perfection of the intelligent photographers out there. Enjoy and don’t forget to share.

Beautiful and Amazing Concepts of Fashion Photography

Creativity is considered the most important element of fashion photography. Adding an element of forward and decent fashion trends have the ability to see and create images that lure audiences. For all the fashion photography addicts today we a collection of unique and amazing concepts of fashion photographs for your inspiration. This type of photography commonly used in advertising campaign, however with the development fashion industry it has now become a field of its own. Instead of focusing on object this kind of photography mainly focus on the environment.

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