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Gadgets That You Would Like To Own

Gadgets and electronics are two words that fit very well together. We've compiled a list of some innovative gadgets. These gadgets are so cool that they will make you drool in desire. Some of these gadgets are prototypes or simply concepts, but in the future you'll see them in the real. Of course, there are some gadgets that are a little bit expensive but some of these can be bought for an acceptable price. Here’s a list of awesome and cool gadgets that you can own in real life:

1- Jetovator: water-propelled stunt bike:
It is a revolutionary new water-sports accessory that elevate you to the heights you never thought possible. On this aerial water vehicle, you can fly with the speed up to 25mph, reach heights up to 30 feet, dives down to 10 feet, and insane aerial tricks like 360 degree barrel rolls, and back flips.

2- Solar Charging Case for Apple iPad:
The Lily-pad is made of new solar ink technology to continually charge the iPad with light. The iPad cover is so amazing that it…

Strange and Beautiful Iceland Pictures

As its name implies you might assume that Iceland would be an absolutely outstanding, beautiful landscape country with sloping hills, mighty waterfalls and gushing rivers. Iceland is without any doubt the most visually exciting place in the world, and the most ideal place for landscape photography in many ways.

Today we’ve compiled a series of beautiful photographs of Iceland taken by some really talented photographers. I recommend you to visit their portfolios for more by clicking each photographer name , and I'm pretty sure you may even get to buy some prints. Enjoy and feel free to share your feelings with us.
Iceland by  18%_silver

Iceland by wesome

Iceland - Vik: Distant Fingers by John & Tina Reid

Svinafellsjokull Glacier by Preserved Light

Ice Sculpting by John & Tina Reid

Reynisfjara, south coast Iceland by skarpi

Iceland Foss by D'Arcy Guerin Gue

Iceland by Image-Ex

Iceland - Vik: Warm Fog by John & Tina Reid

Iceland - Sunset at Jökulsárlón by Saleh AlRashaid

Iceland …

14 Mind Blowing Optical Illusions By Oleg Shuplyak

Oleg Shuplyak is a talented painter from Ukraine, whose works involve hidden images of famous personalities—from Adolf Hitler to Karl Marx in such a creative way that turn his artworks into mind-blowing optical illusions. He uses common objects and scenery to make up the distinctive faces in amalgamated form.

Each optical illusion reveals two different and separate images, some far quicker than others. His second image is so easily recognizable in many of his paintings, that observers might miss the original image. Here are some spectacular examples of  his creative optical illusions that will be sure to give your eye a good workout.

25 Most Inspiring Examples of Moments Captured Photography

Photography is one of the most amazing part of an art and everybody  loves it. It is the best way to communicate with the precious captured visual moments of your life. Knowing what moments are priceless, which ones are memorable, and what will be missed unless captured on the scene are some of few strengths for any creative photographer.

Here are some of extremely beautiful and creative moments captured and taken at the right time from the different photographers. These moments are examples of nature, sadness, happiness, colors, and excitement images.
Untitled by Xiaohuang Liu

Tuscan spring 4 by Daniel Řeřicha

The Swamp by Marsel van Oosten

The Dark Traveler by Mary Kay

Step Before Praying in a Mosque by Saad Salem

Sparring Red Fox Kits

Rick Genest (Zombie Boy) by Kirill Stepanov

Playing the Pink Panther by Dutch Doscher

Parrothead by schlumbeb

Palwal, Haryana by Lukasz Piech

Oriental scops owl by basaki

North of thailand by lovemelovemylife

Natures power in the Prairies by Kevin Pepper

Mountain s…