Fresh Examples Of Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is one of the most amazing image editing technique in Photoshop. Photographers use this technique to show their creativity, new trends and techniques in their works. They use analog or digital means to create an illusion or deception in their photographs.

Here we’ve collected a list of some excellent examples of photo manipulations that will lead you in the world of Photoshop. From photography, nature, HDR, objects to illustrations as well as some fantasy-related and abstract concepts.

Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation with Abstract Smoke and Light Effects

Surreal Apocalypse Photo Manipulation

Surreal Landscape Using Photo Manipulation

Emotional Photo Manipulation Firing Heart
Fantasy Space Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop

Retro Surreal Photo Manipulation Using Photoshop

Sci-Fi Giant Tortoise Shelter Photo-Manipulation

Human Scarecrow – Manipulation

Lonely – Photo Manipulation

One Moment – Photo Manipulation

Amazing photo  manipulations

Surrealistic photo manipulations

Creative photo manipulations

Beautiful photo manipulations

Amazing Photo manipulation

Amazing Photo manipulation

  Beautiful Photo manipulation

 Creative Photo manipulation

 Creative Photo manipulation

Trip Home – Summer Scene Manipulation

Professional Widow – Manipulation

Surreal Desert Scene in Photoshop

Pure an Energetic Photomanipulation

Amazing Fashion Photo Manipulation

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