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Conceptual Photo Manipulations By Vladimir Fedotko

Vladimir Fedotko is a renowned Photo Manipulator and photographer from Russia. She was born in Leningrad, but currently lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Fedotko has created unique and imaginative images by the combination of photography, computer processing and traditional drawing. Her images are casual, elegant and fresh. Below is a collection of some of the most Fascinating images created by Vladimir Fedotko. Enjoy!


Amazing Examples of Sublime Action Photography

In our daily life, we can’t see everything because of their fast-forwarding and dynamic nature. But still there are many ways to freeze those moments and photography is one of them. Photography captures many certain moments for us, especially those which involve movement. Here is the collection of some beautiful movements frozen in the shape of photographs. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Astonishingly Fresh Examples of High Quality Typography

Since digitization, we saw a big boom in typography and it spread to a wider ranger of applications, appearing on web pages, hand-held video games, and LCD mobile phone screens. Typography plays an extremely vital role in every designer's life and it is also one of the most important aspects of successful website design.

Typography as a core area of web design affects the entire design of any website and makes it stand out from the rest. Here is a collection of new and eye catching typography designs from various designers around the globe. Hopefully you will enjoy these impressive examples of typography that I have to share with you.
Ornamental lettering

Nike – Just Do It – Experimental Project


Just Love


Hip Hop Beats/ Lettering Design


Features opener for Wired UK



Amazing calligraphy

Say What? Logo

Letter to 2012

Seven Dials

Every Act

Man VS Mouse

Swagger Back

Popular Mechanics 110th Edition

Cameron Hicks Graduation Recital

100 …

Creative Photography by Vanessa Paxton

Toronto based creative photographer, vanessa paxton is a natural light portrait photographer. Vanessa has a stunningly unique and identifiable style in photography and is master in creating beautiful and awesome artwork mainly in the GTA.